How Season Changes Impact Us

How Season Changes Impact Us

If like me, you feel down in colder months you are not alone... SEASON CHANGES do impact our mood and how we feel. 

There is scientific evidence that in autumn and winter we tend to feel ‘less happy’. It is called SAD - seasonal affective disorder. Lack of vitamin D and consequent hormonal changes may make us feel this way. 

Another interesting fact is that our metabolism also changes during winter which leads to easier weight gain. Insulin resistance increases in preparation of colder months to store fat. If you feel like you want to eat more in winter you can blame it on the weather! 

Season changes also impact what we eat, just like we may prefer cold fruit or shakes in warmer summer months, we tend to like more soups, porridge and ‘comfort food’ in winter months. 

Daylight plays a big role in regulating our hormones and hence our circadian rhythm and our sleep. This may explain why we feel more like ‘Hybernating’ during colder months. 

What do we do to reduce the impact on season changes then?

As you may have guessed, EXERCISE is one way to reduce the impact of these these changes. 

Being outdoors to increase sun exposure, eating healthy and working on optimising sleep patterns are all helpful. 

Do you feel like you get impacted by season changes? 

Credit: Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson 


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