Our Story

Our Story

URWell was founded by Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson and Evren Celik Duru.

Both Evren and Sabrina come from competitive and international corporate backgrounds in Law and Finance. Despite the challenging work environment over the years they managed to keep themselves in balance thanks to their mutual passion which is wellness.

While Sabrina adamantly took the necessary steps to become a Pilates teacher and a qualified Personal Trainer, Evren spent a relentless 500 Hours to become not only a Yoga instructor but a trainer for Yoga instructors. 

Having always valued the role of movement and exercise, Evren and Sabrina set out to deepen their understanding of a true wellbeing concept.


Creating a well-balanced routine of intensive physical training and peaceful mindfulness sessions, Sabrina and Evren optimised their own skill sets. This led them to develop a professional perspective in guiding their clients on their everyday challenges such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and other general wellbeing topics. 

Consequently in 2020 Sabrina and Evren decided to merge their expertise and their unique accomplishment to assist others in their wellness journey. They visualised a holistic and individualised wellbeing service that truly supports the client and puts their particular needs first. As a result, the idea of URWell was born… 

Whilst being busy mums and in the middle of a pandemic, they managed to turn their vision of a high-end wellness concierge into reality under the roof of URWell. URWell was created to be an effective yet selective platform of individualised solutions of wellness practices fitting into everyone’s busy lives. 

URWell will ensure that you are well!