▫️At URWell we believe in a balanced diet that will be sustainable as a lifestyle. We encourage our clients to enjoy natural foods and to “eat the rainbow”, which are foods consisting of different coloured vegetables and fruits such as carrots, purple cabbage, peas, pineapples, butternut squash etc.

Nature offers us an abundance of amazingly nutritious ingredients and it is important to include a good variety of these to benefit from different nutrients. 

Here are a few tips to include natural foods in our diet more easily:

  • ”Eat the rainbow”! Ensure to have different colour vegetables and fruits on a daily basis.
  • Try to eat seasonal (such as the fruits and veggies of the season) and local produce, as these will be fresh and with more of their nutrients.
  • Try different vegetables and fruits that you don’t usually eat. An exciting discovery can be a new healthy routine.
  • Try cooking the same vegetables in different ways to add variety.
  •  Plan your meals  - planning ahead avoids reaching for that packaged/processed food when hungry.
  •  If cooking is not enjoyable, think about raw salads with variety to include necessary nutrients.
  • Pick a day of the week and batch cook. Freeze the meals in portions.
  • Make a habit of reading food labels. If there are ingredients you can’t pronounce skip it!  Ensure that rather than sugars, unhealthy fats and additives the food contains clean ingredients.
  • Let’s talk about the “whites”.  Reduce, if not avoid, refined carbohydrates which tend to be the whites. They include white bread, pasta and white rice. Other options such as whole grain, spelt, buckwheat or gluten-free will be a lot more beneficial. The whites lack the nutrients.
  •  Eating out can be challenging, but with so many options these days a conscious choice is much easier.
  •  Shop with a full tummy !
  •  Experiment with ‘mindful / intuitive eating’ which is to listen to our bodies and eat when we feel hungry and stop when we feel full, listening to the cues.

Ultimately wellness is all about balance. Eating balanced meals consisting of natural real foods is far more easier and sustainable with your life style than a restricted diet. Enjoy and appreciate what nature offers us.


Credit: Sabrina Ovadya-Lenson